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Tempered glass handling & safety tips

  1. Wear safety glasses and gloves when moving or handling glass.

  2. Use proper lifting technique. Hold the glass firmly ideally with suction cups. Do NOT carry over your head.

  3. Do not let any surface hit the glass’ edge or corner.

  4. Gently place it down on the long edge if needed.

  5. Do not place glass directly on hard surfaces as can scratch or break.

  6. Wrap or cover glass in blankets to protect it against incidental bumps that could cause damage.

  7. Carry one glass at a time with help as required.

  8. Have two or more people when handling a large panel of glass.

  9. Any queries please contact us info@glassrail.ca


When installing on wood decking with minimum 8″ wood reinforcement below spigots and using minimum 6 inch lag screws. Please check with your local inspector on all requirements.

*GlassRail is a frameless railing system.  Please check special requirements needed before installation.

This system may not be suitable for certain deck framing configurations and may require additional deck / balcony strengthening before installation.

Please make sure you check on suitable application and get approval from your local Building Code Inspector before you purchase as each town may have different requirements.

Thank You.

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