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ONLY Stainless Steel 2205

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Stainless steel: marine grade 2205

The spigot is the most important part of the railing system as it gives its strength which exceeds the stringent building code requirements.

We only use stainless steel 2205 marine grade while our main competitors use  cheaper aluminium in the manufacture of spigots and top clamps.

Always use stainless lag screws as galvanised and zinc interact with stainless steel and would void warranties.

Spigots are made of marine grade Duplex 2205 the highest quality of stainless steel normally used in marine settings for its strength and stain resistance.

Our 2 kg satin spigot has leveling screws and plate for easy aligning of glass during install.

Weight: 4.40 lbs. / 2.0 Kgs.
Height: 6 inches / 160 mm Base: 4 x 4 inches /101 mm x 101 mm

'More than just a bit of steel'

When it comes to keeping your family safe and being able to face the harsh climate of Canada its only the Glass Rail system that will do.

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